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Savings and Investment Plans

We want to help you reach your financial goals. No matter what amount of money you want to put aside, we have ways to make it grow. Whether you’re saving for a car, a house, college tuition, or retirement, we can suggest a savings or investment plan to help you achieve your dreams.

Regular Savings Account

A savings classic for your everyday savings needs.

If savings simplicity is your main objective, or you’re just starting your savings program, then a First Community Regular Savings Account may be for you. With a low opening deposit, you can earn a competitive rate of interest, plus have easy access to your funds.

  • Opening deposit requirement of just $100.
  • No fee when you maintain a minimum balance of just $100
  • If your daily balance drops below $100 during any quarter, you pay a low fee of $9 per quarter
  • Make 6 withdrawals each quarter at no charge. There is a $1 charge for additional withdrawals
  • Interest will be compounded quarterly and credited to the account quarterly
  • The account is service charge-free for minors (under 18 years of age), with 6 free withdrawals per quarter. Additional withdrawal are subject to a $1 fee


  • No minimum deposit
  • Interest payable at maturity in November
  • One withdrawal allowed prior to maturity
  • Interest will be paid by check at maturity